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Folding Chairs

white folding chairs for rent black folding chairs rental Dallas White Garden Chair Rentals Wedding Chairs Black Garden Chairs Rentals Natural Wood Garden
 Chiavari Chairs                                           Chiavari Chairs Dallas Texas Rental Gold, Silver Black White, Mahogany, Natural Wood Chair
  gold  chiavari silver chiavari black chiavari chair white chivari chair mahogany chivari chair rentals natural wood chivari chairs
Chiavari Cushion included with Chiavari Chair & Chiavari Barstool Rentals 

 Chiavari Chair Rental: includes cushion; choice of ivory, black, or white

Specialty Chairs
Cross Back Chair Cushion available in Ivory or Tan

Cross Back Chair Rental:
includes cushion; available  in ivory or tan
King Louis Chair Rental: includes ivory cushion

pilgrim cross back chairs                   clear acrylic ghost chair

Chiavari Bar Stools
 Gold Chiavari Bar Stools, Silver Chiavari Barstools, Black Chiavari Bar Stools, Mahogany Bar Stools Rentals

Traditional Bar stools 

Directors Chairs

               black                   natural          black/chrome    black/natural            silver                      black 
          stool                      stool                    stool           director's chair     chiavari stool       chiavari stool
        $5.50                     $5.50                  $5.50                   $12.50                 $14.00                  $14.00
         kids party chair rental                              

                    children's                    children's                         children's                             children's 
                folding chair                 stack chair                      garden chair                       chiavari chair
                       $2.25                            $2.25                                 $2.25                                   $4.00

Chair setup / break down: for an additional charge, we will set up and break down your chairs in the general area of placement.  You may need to adjust to fit your exact specifications.  Fee is $1.00 per chair.